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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 How does it work?
Daily, we provide you with various types of targeted cities offer, from restaurants and social activities to the service. We bring you the familiar brand, and let you try the popular, exciting new products. Customers can get the Heart exclusive offers, businesses can more easily acquire new customers. Everyone is a winner!
2. To become a member need to pay for it?
Absolutely not! Membership is free. Only when you offer to pay for each purchase transaction costs.
3 How to subscribe to daily e-mail alert discount?
Through the top of the page, elect to offer a "way of email sent to me," and fill in your e-mail address Or By registering as a member, fill out information, the day immediately can become a member.
(4) If the number does not meet the minimum purchase, whether my credit card will be charged a fee? Not. We only when the offer is ongoing and the number sold in minimum quantity of transactions only when the charge from your credit card
5 How will I know whether the benefits doing?
When sold, the number of minimum number of concessions, the shows offer ongoing.
6 Failure to meet the minimum purchase amount, what would happen?
This offer will be canceled and your credit card will not be charged. If you really like this offer, do not forget to recommend it to your friends and family to help you achieve the minimum purchase quantity
7 How do I buy every offer?
Validity of the offer before the end of time or click the "buy now." You will be taken to order page to confirm your order and payment. Once payment is confirmed, the personal account login site will appear redemption coupons, print to the merchant redemption offer.
8. How can I get coupons?
After payment is confirmed, your coupon will appear in the personal account. Check your account and print coupon redemption
9. When will I get replacement coupons?
When you reach the minimum purchase amount and payment to be available after confirmation voucher redemption
10. I need to print my redemption coupons?
Yes. Please print out your redemption coupon, and print out coupons to redeem for renewal business
11. If I did not receive redemption coupons, how can I do?
Try to sign your account. If you still have not received it, please you and we will help you solve the problem.
12. How do I redeem a coupon?
Merchant's place of business in the renewal of your coupons. Specific redemption instructions and was described on the individual coupons are listed. Part of the renewal may be required before appointment. Please carefully read the instructions on the coupon
13 coupons expire?
Period stated on the coupon.
14 I can put my coupons as a gift to others?
Of course. If you have purchased coupons, and want as a gift to someone else, you simply give the coupons to your friends. Or, you can click directly to a friend buy coupons, payment is confirmed, the coupon will be automatically sent to your friend's personal e-mail address
15. If my coupons on my name, so my friends can use it?
Of course. Redemption of coupons and coupon users do not need the name of the same record. But the coupons can only be renewed once.
16. I once finished using the coupon on the full amount it?
Yes. Coupon not redeemable for cash and the balance will not be spending any cash refund arrangements, consumer balance for future use should not
17. Can I use Oorjit  coupons and other promotions to use it?
Not. Oorjit Deals coupons that we provide members with exclusive offers, not with other promotional offers.
18. Concessionary period is over, I can also buy the discount?
Not. This is why we encourage everyone to register as a free member to receive timely updates from the Oorjit Deal offer. If you are not a member, now it, do not miss any attractive offers!
19. I can cancel order or refund?
Yes, as long as the payment has not been confirmed, you can cancel the order. Payment is confirmed and coupons have been issued, you can not cancel the order. Once the voucher is delivered, you may request to refund your order. We will, within reasonable grounds, grant refunds on a case-by-case basis. Such as coupons have confirmed that you request a refund, we will be depending on the circumstances, if there are reasonable grounds, we will try to meet your requirements.
20. If I buy a voucher, the merchants met to stop the offer, then how to do?
Your satisfaction is our top priority. For our members select the merchant and concessions, we have implemented strict quality control. We will take preventive measures to ensure that this does not happen. However, if this really happened, before the expiration businesses over promotions, cause you can not redeem coupons for services or products, we guarantee will give you a refund.
21. I want my company become a major publicity Oorjit Deal merchants. How can I become your business partner?
Thank you for this is the intention! Please to learn more about information
22. What is your privacy policy?
Please read our .